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Clean Comedy Program - Laughing Matters with Brett Leake E-mails from Viewers

‘Dear Brett’ letters from

An opera singer

...I’m an opera singer living just outside of NYC, and tonight I caught your comedy special on PBS. You are my new favorite comic. I was so impressed with your talent and completely taken with your charm. Not only is every joke hilarious, you are literate and thoughtful and deep.

Just keep doing what you’re doing. Comedy is one of those things I Cannot live without. Music is the other...

...I am so glad that I accidentally turned on your comedy special...

Keep it coming, Sugarplum!
You’re helping us all keep on keepin’ on!

K. B.

An insomniac

“Muffled Laughs”

I just saw your show on PBS. It's almost midnight and my husband is sleeping in the next room. I had the hardest time trying to keep quiet and not wake him, I was laughing so hard. What wonderful insights you have and such a talent to keep us appreciative of the many blessing we have. Thanks for a great show.

R K - a new fan.


Our men in the service

“Being in tomorrow”

Maybe you have done this. When I was in Vietnam in 68 (USMC) when I thought I was not going to live much longer, or thought I was stupid, or too young in the world . . . I knew that I was ahead of even the president because I was into the next day before he got there.

-thanks for not being a cussaholic. Joe



“Thanks for the laughs”

Dear Mr. Leake,

I was changing channels on Saturday evening and happened across the beginning of your routine. I am a big fan of stand-up comics (and in your case sit-down comics), and always give a new (to me) comic a chance to make me laugh. Fifty-five minutes later, sides aching, and eyes all teary, I was exhausted as the session ended. Both my daughters were laughing, too. Out loud.

...I work in a school system, for Pupil Services. This entails providing services to students who are disabled or challenged in some way. From what the teachers tell me, they are all wonderful kids, and I know they share some of your qualities, like determination and a sense of humor.

Again, thanks for the laughs!

T. H.
Admin Assistant, Pupil Services


And those in health care.

Dear Brett,

I was fortunate enough to have channel surfed my way to your show on KQED last week, but only caught the last 2/3 ! How sorry I was to have missed the rest, and have been combing the TV guide for KCSM or KTEH showings.

...I am a physical therapist currently recovering from back surgery, and you snapped me right out of an "oh woe is me " moment. Bless you! John McPhee is one of my favorite authors also, especially "The Pine Barrens". Thanks again for a great show...

J. S.


From New York

Dear Brett-

So, where have I been for the last few years? Tonight was the first time I ever saw your perform, ever heard your name, oh brother was I on another planet? You betcha.

My motivation was somewhat nonexistant - I was on the computer, just listening rather lazily (I typed this word real s l o w),and heard the laughter first. I normally don't listen to comedy shows on tv because they are, by nature, rather stoopid.(!) Then I heard some of the words and only really heard about 3/4 of the show, and let me tell you I freaked out. WHAT THE HELL IS THIS - INTELLIGENT COMEDY? How dare you wake me up!

I did miss the beginning about your condition, and admire your stamina and your philosophy. I love it when people make me think - write on, Brett, write on.

So much of TV is dum - why can't it be more smartb?

Thanks for your willingness to share...

J. C.



“Exceptional comedy”

We watched your "Laughing Matters" show on PBS (KUAC, Channel 9) here In Fairbanks, Alaska. How refreshing to have EXCELLENT, CLEAN HUMOR, intermingled with the sharing of your own provocative and reflective thoughts. I have told many of my friends about the show ...

P and B
Fairbanks Alaska



Greetings from Medford, Oregon!!

You are great!!!! Finally, a comedian without smut!!! I saw you last Night on PBS Channel 8 at 10pm.

... And, you have wonderful things that I want our children to hear. Believe, your words and example are positive ripples that others can learn to live by......thank you.



“Laughing matters”

Hey buddy,
   I saw your show on Oregon public broadcasting. I gotta tell ya I don't think I've laughed that hard in a long time.

  ...I think its great what your doing. Keep it up, because as they say, laughter is the best medicine.




...San Francisco

Dear Brett,

Last night I heard part of your show, Laughing Matters with Brett Leake on KQED-TV. I loved what I heard. Both the comedy and your wisdom. I called KQED this am to see if it would be repeated...

I didn't actually see any of it as I was listening in bed on my radio that gets a few TV stations.

Thank you.
E. M.


Dear Brett:

I viewed your comedy this evening on KQED, 4/17/03. I happened upon it by accident, meaning that I did not know the program was on. As I had channel 9 on, from having just finishing the program Avoiding Armageddon, it was a complete surprise and may I add, delight.

... you have a real knack for irony.


“Laughing Matters video”


My wife and I heard you last night on PBS (KQED, San Francisco) in Laughing Matters, first broadcast 12/4/01. You're terrific beyond your humor. I haven't enjoyed a comedian so thoroughly in many, many years (the last: Roddy Dangerfield).

“God bless you -- Your humor has the aftertaste of a good vacation”

I saw your show on KQED ...The best cleanest humor I've heard in years... have been smiling for the last couple days...

...I have a medium-size Awning business in California if you're your and father would like an aluminum or canvas Awning on your home.I would love to ship 1 or 2 to you gratis.


And, they’re even raving about ‘LM w/ BL’ in LA, Baby!!



I had the pleasure of seeing your show on PBS tonight. I found it very funny, and I felt proud once again that my wife and I support PBS. I missed the beginning so I did not catch your name. When the show was over, I saw you have the same last name as me...keep up the great work!

W R Leake
... Louisiana


And this lovely letter from a viewer in Oregon

Thanks for your show and more


I tuned into your PBS show a few minutes late last night and enjoyed it very much. You have a marvelous way of stepping outside the picture for a different view - one quite familiar to me. After a short time, I realized I was thinking about an old friend, Dorothy, who passed away ten years ago. We had been best friends since college forty years ago. Then I recognized in your physical symptoms those same ones that she had, also. As I continued to laugh and enjoy your insights, I realized that I had been mourning my dear friend for years instead of remembering the best parts of a long friendship - her quick humor, her intelligence that provided her insights and humor. Your hour of fun reminded me of what's best about friends to remember and cherish. She was a pharmacologist and worked on muscular dystrophy for her doctorate and then spent years teaching students and helping direct research at UCSF and Berkeley, contributing so much to other lives. And she was a warm, delightful, and fun friend.

Thank you for your show and thank you for the insight you've given to me.


Thank You!

I’m grateful for your letters and your kind words.

Here’s to PBS,
to your health,
and to humor!

...and to opera!

Brett Leake!
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