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Virginia and Washington, DC Motivational Humorist Speaker: Site updates, Show schedule

Funny Motivational Speaker and Clean Comedian based near Richmond, Virginia and Washington, DC

Hello everybody!  
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Sunday, December 11, 2016 schedule update  
Hello there!  
Check out these 3 new videos…  
-- On the funny education speaker page, there’s a funny education speaker video: The Power of Yes  
-- On the funny clean comedian/Genius with J page, there’s a funny clean comedian quick clip video: Metric system meet The Big 10. December 2015 at McCurdy’s Comedy Theater in Sarasota.  
-- On the funny healthcare speaker page, there’s the portion of the funny healthcare speech on ‘How to add a little laughter to your life’.  
2016 and 2017 tour/shows  
December 28 through December 30  
-- Sarasota, Florida  
-- McCurdy's Comedy Theatre 4 45 minute funny clean standup shows.  
Sunday, January 15  
-- Fork Union, Virginia  
-- Carysbrook Performing Arts Center  
-- Genius with a J Clean Funny Standup Comedy Show  
Saturday, February 25  
-- Sarasota, Florida  
-- Client Appreciation event  
-- The Good Life motivational comedy show  
Wednesday, May 3  
-- New Orleans, Louisiana  
-- Entertaining and hosting awards banquet  
Monday, June 19  
-- Norfolk, VA  
-- Funny Education Keynote Speech  
When your group is ready for a funny motivational speech to ‘party with a purpose’ or to laugh and celebrate with a clean comedy show, book Brett Leake, America’s Tallest Sitdown Standup Comic, at  
Keep on rolling!  
Hello Friends of Virginia Currents  
-- Thank you to WCVE and to John Felton for inviting me to be part of the Virginia Currents 25th anniversary celebration. I enjoyed my visit with Patty Nevadomski and her talented fun team.  
Fresh Feedback  
Motivational Comedy as a Funny Education Speech  
Event: A 2015/16 opening school district convocation for all hands on deck: administrators, staff, teachers, bus drivers.  
-- Requested theme: The Power of Yes. Our school district has no cookie cutter kids – each student will require creative solutions.  
-- Superintendent’s post show feedback: Perfect  
Motivational Comedy as a Funny Graduation speech  
Event: A 2015/16 graduation keynote at a vocational rehabilitation center in eastern Kentucky for people with physical and developmental disabilities.  
Theme: Developing Your Invisible Ability: Habits cultivated pursuing a vocational degree are transferable skills for the jobs your vocational degree might lead you.  
Post show feedback from vocational trainer:  
Thank you for setting such a good example of how things can work out in a person’s career even though it may be a different path than what they originally planned. I agree with your point that the skills the students learn during training will carry over into whatever type of occupation they may end up doing.  
Motivational Comedy as a Funny Healthcare Speech  
Event: 2015/16 annual meeting for country’s largest health insurance provider.  
Theme: Humor’s place in wellness: humor helps us cope, recover and grow.  
Post show feedback from Health care program vice president to event’s meeting planner: Brett was truly side splitting and his serious message was taken to heart by all the participants. I can’t tell you how many folks personally mentioned to me how exceptional Brett was.  
Please contact me if I can help energize your next gathering.  
I hope to see you on the road.  
Da capo: My closing message to the school district convocation mentioned above:  
You are the solution to the homo sapiens conundrum: homo sapiens, the reasoning beings, can amass information at a rate that challenges our emotional intelligence to manage it.  
A student learns today that he or she is among 7 billion inhabitants on the only planet we know of that supports multi-cellular life in a dynamic universe that is expanding at an accelerating rate and find that demoralizing asking questions like “What difference do I make?” and “Do I matter?” with “I don’t” and “No”.  
But because there stands you modeling the being they can become ‘homo sapiens curans’, the reasoning being who is caring, they can perceive that same vast creation with awe and reverence proclaiming… “I say I love this”, “I say thank you, “I say yes.”
A media link  
Here’s a link to a review in the Madison Eagle (Madison, Virginia) of a show I performed for the Madison County Chamber of Commerce in November 2014.  
From the article...  
Following dinner, keynote speaker and comedian Brett Leake entertained the audience, speaking on the importance of humor, appreciating and recognizing the little things in life and utilizing humor to make situations better before not after the fact, all while eliciting tons of laughs.  
I add that these were English tons: I promise an American ton; I deliver an English ton.  
I thank Kane Kashouty for the nice article and Tracey Gardner for inviting me to be part of the fun night.  
2014 shows included ....  
Funny Healthcare Keynote Speaker  
-- VIAQUEST Columbus, Ohio  
-- Maryland Patient Safety Center National Harbor, Maryland  
-- vaACCSES Virginia Association of Community Rehabilitation Programs  
Funny Educational Keynote Speaker  
-- St Michael’s Catholic Academy Speaker Series Kickoff Speaker Grades 9-12 Austin, Texas  
-- Mecklenburg County (Virginia) Schools Opening Day Convocation Speaker  
-- SD25 School District 25 Opening Day Convocation Arlington Heights, Illinois  
-- Herff Jones National Sales Meeting Collegiate Division Hollywood, Florida  
Motivational Comedy Keynote and Humor Workshops At these two conferences I provided both a keynote of 45 minutes and a workshop of 45 minutes.  
-- APSE Kentucky: Association for Person Centered Employment Lexington, KY  
-- AST: Association of Surgical Technologists Denver, CO  
Corporate Comedian: I presented corporate comedy sets for these clients  
-- Mason and Barry Charleston, West Virginia  
-- Chamber of Commerce  
....... Association of Chamber Executives (Virginia)  
........Madison Chamber of Commerce Madison County Virginia  
........Fredericksburg Regional Chamber of Commerce Fredericksburg, Virginia  
-- Superior Battery London, Kentucky  
-- Richmond Dental Association  
-- UVIMCO University of Virginia Investment Management Company  
-- NCMH: National Center for Housing Management Chicago, Illinois  
Theater shows: I was fortunate to play these three theaters  
-- Gateway Theater Waynesboro, VA  
-- Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts Vienna, VA  
-- Paramount Theater Charlottesville, VA (Will be fortunate on December 31, 2014)  
And I did standup sets at these comedy clubs  
-- Richmond FunnyBone Richmond, Virginia  
-- Cozzy’s Comedy Club Newport News, Virginia  
-- McCurdy’s Comedy Theater Sarasota, Florida  
Contact me and let's have some laughs together  
-- Call (866)386-9489  
-- Email  
-- To Wendy and her colleagues at Visa Inc. for inviting me to present at the newly minted Dow Component's celebration of Disability Employment Awareness Month. Here's some feedback: “Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed Brett and the presentation today. I had every intention of being inspired - but I was too busy laughing. He was just great!”  
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