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“A Hundred Laughs and Dozens of Yeses”

Whether it's a standup set or one of the presentations the shows share a postive tone. The minute long video above portrays the sense of fun. The video includes a short portion from WCVE's Virginia Currents.


Virginia Currents preview” Here's a one minute preview of a fine piece produced in 2015 by central Virginia's WCVE. Go to to see the entire profile. Thank you Patty, Daphne, Curtis, John, and all my friends at the Community Idea Stations.


From Funny Education Speech:“The Power of a Yes”

From my funny education speech here's a portion, The Power of a Yes -- humor and light storytelling about 'make a difference' educators.


From Genius with a J clean comedy show:“Coupons”

How inexpensive has gas become in early 2016-- the prices are so low... I can post this joke from a 1991 appearance on NBC's The Tonight Show.


From Funny Healthcare Speech:“How to Add Laughter to Life”

Breaking big problems into small ones can be fun.


From clean comedy show, Genius with a 'J': “A Big 10 metric matchup: The Base Ten vs The Base 12”

Switching to base 10 is difficult because we've adapted to base 12.


From Funny Healthcare Speech:“How Finding Something Funny and Laughing Helps”

From Laughing Matters with Brett Leake: Finding something funny is a symptom of keeping things in context, considering all the variables and looking at something from someone else's point of view.


“Thirty Year Thank You: 1983-2013”
2013 marks my thirty year anniversary as a comedian. Here’s a 4 minute appreciation of some sights and moments I’ve been fortunate to experience.

For the opportunities I’ve been given and for the simple life around us that is a miracle — I am grateful.

Keep on rolling!

Image credits: Thank you Daniela Pretzer for the use of these images: Setting sun over Potomac River from Pope’s Creek, Maryland; Cadillac Mountain, Maine from Schoodic Point; afternoon sky over Fort Matanzas, Florida; White Cosmos with insect; Brown-headed Nuthatch on Loblolly pine at Black Point on Jamestown Island, Virginia.

The final seven images: White Cosmos with insect: Brown- headed Nuthatch on Loblolly pine; Eastern Tiger Swallowtails on Lilac; a male Bobolink in the meadow near the Neilson Farm at Saratoga National Historic Park; Burrowing Owls in southern Florida; Francis Leake’s Sauvignon Blanc grapes in the sun; and the Angle Oak live oak on John’s Island near Charleston, SC.


“Laughter: The Secret Agent of Change”
Here's some fun we had in May 2014 at a theater in Northern Virginia

How do you have fun with change? Roll with it.


“Defeating the disease daily by...”
In April 2010, I was working a weekend at the DC Improv in Washington and Tony Perkins invited me to come by the WTTG Fox 5 News for this interview. Tony is informed, supportive and, as you can see, finds a way to bring out the funny in others.

Thank you WTTG and Tony. The complete interview “Brett Leake Shares Inspiration, Laughter,” is available directly from WTTG, at


“Genius with a ‘J”
Brett’s four-minute compilation tape of his five appearances on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Included in Genius with a J clean comedy shows in nightclubs and as a clean corporate comedian.


“At Least I’ve Got My Health”
From the Public Television Special, Laughing Matters with Brett Leake: knuckleball piece. Included in presentation, “At Least I’ve Got My Health.”


“That’s What We Get for Thinking... : From Homo sapiens to Homo curans”
Delivered in October, 2012 at Henrico High School’s Warrior Jubilee — a celebration of 50 years of public education — portions of this presentation can also be found in Brett’s one man show, “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to The Tonight Show.”


“Knuckleball” documentary
Thanks to Ken Sons Films

Sound slideshow:

Caregiving and Comedy
Thanks to the Richmond Times Dispatch and to writer Bill Lohmann and photographer Bob Brown for this Father’s Day gift. It’s beautiful. We love it.


“An Afternoon with Comedian Brett Leake ’82.”
Recorded February 10, 2008 and posted May, 2008 with permission. The entire interview can be found at YouTube.

I’m an “entertainment with a message” speaker: the entertainment is stand-up comedy squeaky clean ‘above the belt’ and ‘between the ears’ the message, pulled from my experience living with muscular dystrophy and presented in short light anecdotes, is life is lived fullest not in spite of the problems but because of them.

I love my work, enjoy being around others who love theirs, and sharing with those who don’t a few ways they can, too. I weave into the entertainment recent findings in emotional intelligence research; why humor is essential in our lives, how one can develop a humor lens, and the notion that if we attend to a few core needs we and our colleagues can communicate more effectively, feel less of a divide between work and home, and find what suffices.

Thanks to Eric Pesola of The William and Mary Alumni Association for his great work shooting, editing and creating the video. Capable, dedicated, and funny, he’s a credit to the campus. I enjoyed my visit with him very much.

The video collection above is of general interest. There are 8 additional videos average length 2 minutes sprinkled thoughout the site. Enjoy!

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