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Funny One Man Show – Theater Operators Page

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to ‘The Tonight Show’

Funny One Man Show Specifications

Cast: One
Production: One act. Empty stage

Story span:

Nine years from 1982-1991 with flashbacks and flash forwards

Standup comedy, storytelling relating failures leading to success, abundance in scarcity, supportive environments.
— The standup comedy is dynamic and adapts to its environment – performances include local jokes, audience interaction, and respond in real time to events in the theater.


Theater discretion
— Without intermission: 75 minutes
— With intermission: 85 minutes: 50 minutes before intermission and 35 minutes after intermission. (Following an intermission, I can add an additional 10 minutes of standup to return audience to a comedy tone.)


— Boom microphone stand with a corded or cordless microphone
— Countryman e6 headset with wireless transmitter.

I stand in one place and I do not require a follow spotlight. I stand stage center. I can perform with curtain closed/ from in front of the curtain.


The program can be performed with or without slides
— With slides: 5 family images in PowerPoint and 1 (one) slide with embedded audio and video.
— Without slides: Can be performed without slides

Stage access:

I use a power wheelchair.

Stages that are wheelchair accessible:
— I can climb over a 3 inch threshold with a running start. I can climb a five inch threshold with lots of folks pushing and shoving.

Stages that are not wheelchair accessible:
— I can perform from the theater floor (within a few feet of the front row) in front of the stage.
The wheelchair is a standing wheelchair – airline baggage handling permitting and parts working – and I stand in the chair about 6 feet tall.


The language is appropriate for all ears; the subjects – thinking about how we think, in home care – are best appreciated with an adult perspective.


As examples of what others have done, to the right are posters from the shows at the Gateway Theatre in Waynesboro. The shows at the Gateway benefitted from attractive graphics and lots of support from the city’s newspapers.

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